The struggle of finding a niche with many interests and passions

Updated: Aug 17

"Will you change your logo every year?"

The question someone asked me recently. She further asked if my brand name was Updeep or Kyerewaa.

I defended myself by saying Updeep is my branding business and Kyerewaa is my name (actually it's my name, I have just decided to bring that out instead of Nancy).

The struggle

What this person doesn't know is the struggle to focus on one thing. For a branding professional, I know the importance of focus and consistency. I have struggled with this almost all my life.

Growing up I loved teaching. My best friend and I actually had a school in class back in primary 4. I also used to gather the children in my neighbourhood to teach them until I was stopped by my dad with the concern that I should rather focus on my studies. However, I didn't stop. I did the same thing in shs teaching some of my juniors and classmates elective mathematics. At least the love for teaching and education has been my longest standing passion although I don't fancy the idea of teaching in a classroom anymore under our current education system. (That's for another day)

At some point, I wanted to be a Financial Analyst and then an Accountant although I didn't enjoy accounting. Then I studied science and actually excelled at it but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with that. The default career would have been a medical doctor but the thought of working in a hospital scared me. For sometime, I was a hair stylist. I learnt to braid my own hair and that of others without anyone teaching me. I guess I learnt it by observation with my mind's eye while they braided my hair, something I can't explain myself. I became a fashion accessories designer, making bow ties, brooches, scarves and hair bonnets and thought I could own one of the biggest businesses in fashion plus an academy to teach others. I actually had a name and a plan. I have even sold pastries and designed a brand for it.

And many other things I have had interests in. I know as a Brand Strategist how confusing it can be for your audience when you keep jumping from one thing to another. However, it's more confusing and frustrating for us because we keep running in circles with nothing to show for it. We have been conditioned to believe that you will only make it if you choose one thing and run with it and that is the real struggle of a multi-passionate person. It's torturous that if care is not taken you might end up doing nothing at all.

We are told to pick a niche and stay focused, which is a great advice and absolutely helps when it comes to being known for something. For example, we have people who are known to be fitness gurus, writers, marketing specialists, etc. But for someone like me who has many interests and passions, it's a real struggle and what makes it more difficult is when these interests and passions are totally different from each other.

I have done many brainstorming than necessary to get more focused but just don't know how to combine all of them. Everyday is a struggle for me so please go easy on me.

Showing my true identity with confidence

For a while now, I have come to the understanding that you will only thrive if you show who truly are with confidence. People may get confused but it's a matter of time before you meet those who truly appreciate who you are and all that you carry. The goal is not to please everyone but to show your true self to attract those who align. Doing otherwise would only cause more trouble and misery.

In light of this, I have decided to share some of the interests and passions that align for now and figure the rest out as I go. It's time for me to show my true identity with confidence.

If you have this experience, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. How did you manage to sail through?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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