How to complete tasks quickly and easily

Updated: Nov 3

You are overwhelmed with school assignments, studying for a test, volunteering for that nonprofit, your side hustle, staying relevant on social media and the rest of the 99 activities you need to complete.

The thing is you have to complete them and they are all somewhat important. So what do you do?

You think about all these activities and you feel exhausted even before starting. So at the end of the day, you end up chilling in bed or netflixing or even scrolling mindlessly on Instagram.

This is your life, right?

Worry no more!

💥 There's a simple hack: Break the tasks down into smaller tasks.

How do you do that?

👉 Write down all the tasks on paper, in your notes on your phone, wherever. By all means write them down. This will give you an overview of everything you have to do. In your mind, it might seem daunting but once they are written down, you feel a sense of relief.

👉 Now filter the tasks based on urgency and importance. Which of them is most important and needs to be done ASAP? Do that first. Do same for the rest. You will realise that some of the tasks you were sweating about don't need your attention now and can be scheduled to another time or day.

This has helped me stay organised.

The truth is you may not get everything done in a day as you may want to but it's a way to keep you organised and stress-free to tackle the day like a boss.😎

How do you get tasks done? Please share your hack with us, okay?


Now let's go get things done.


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