A smart food scale that helps users achieve a healthy, mindful and sustainable lifestyle by measuring their food weight, portion control, calories, and eating patterns.


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Unsustainable diet plans

Diet plans are mostly based on what works generally but not personally leading to a yoyo lifestyle.

Inconsistent calorie count

Counting calories is quite a hard task considering the way some apps allow users to enter this data manually.

Non-personalized solutions

Most solutions out there are not tailored to each user but more of a guess work without considering each user's needs.


Personalized solutions

Solutions that are tailored to each user based on personalized data.

Consistent eating patterns

Provide suggestions to maintain consistent eating patterns.

A community

A community to serve as a support group for women to cheer each other on.


Mindfulness. Balance. Confidence.

‍The best plan for maintaining good health and nutrition is one that is personalized to you, your preferences, and your unique body makeup.

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